Lady 2K19 and Challenges

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“Women 2019 between Reality and Challenges”

I am spending almost 21 years, learning and graduating to improve one idea to our society. We are as women could learn and sometimes we hit men’s numbers and to do so, we are studying extra hours, with groups and without. Unfortunately, most of the women when they reach high-school or even graduates sitting at homes looking for staring their perfect lives.

The fact, there is nothing called perfect life! All lives filled of up and down, different circumstances could impact and drive ours.

Women, we are giving new lives, taking care of children, running homes and a complete family!

Don’t you think that we can do more? I started work at 17 years old, and I remember when everyone one was looking to this little teenage trying to do something in her life, everyone was saying she can’t make it, she still young, she just 1 meter fifty. This life is full of straggling, difficulties and negativity.

Focusing on yourself is one of the successful rules in this life, if we can give a birth, raising kids and build a perfect family, so we are raising a whole community. Emotional intelligence begins with self-awareness getting in touch with your inner voice. Do not let anything stop your dreams, pushing you away of your plan. Let dreams come true, be leader not only in your personal life, in your company role. You created to be leaders by nature! So fight for it, keep it. Leaders who heed their inner voices can draw on more resources to make better decisions and connect with their authentic selves. Is not this your nature as a mom? Go for it and make it life in the community and put your fingerprint for the positive and prosperous world…..

Thanks and Best of Luck

Maya was born in Beirut – Lebanon and currently working as BD Manager at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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    • Nadira Albalushi
      Feb 27, 2019 00:04 am Reply

      Hi Maya! You are absolutely right and described natural issues with women.

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